Europe 2022

Europe 2022

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The current plan is:

  • Fly into Munich from where we can enjoy Munich and the surrounding area for a few days
  • Travel 1 1/2 hours by train to Regensburg where we'll board the ship for our cruise
    • Regensburg - 2 nights
    • Passau
    • Krems
    • Vienna - 2 nights
    • Budapest - 2 nights
  • Cruise to Budapest where we'll spend a few more days
  • Fly home

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In 1970-71, while serving in the U.S. Army, I was stationed in Munich, Germany (my photos) for 14 months and Vincenza, Italy for 5 months. From Munich I took day trips or military leave to Rothenburg (Germany), Nuremberg (Germany), Zugspitze (Germany, for skiing), Venice (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Dachau (Germany). On a day trip from Vincenza I visited Pisa and drove through Verona.

In addition to the information that's available on the Viking site, below are links to activities and places of interest on or within short travel range of our Viking route. These are only points of interest that we can consider visiting--or not.

The walled city of Rothenburg, Germany, the largest city in Germany in the Middle Ages and a 2.5 hour train ride from Munich, is "a beautifully preserved medieval town of cobbled lanes, squares, and half-timbered houses" (

Augsburg, another of Germany's oldest cities, is a 30 minute train ride from Munich.

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