Krause name origin
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I've been working on my family tree since the mid-1980's and see no end in sight.  As of 13 January 2018 I have 4,130 individuals in my database.  I've also had a few DNA tests done.  The Links page has info about genealogy and links to research tools.

In the 1970's my mother, Vivian Krause (Keip), showed me a (paper) family tree that had been compiled by a relative of ours.  The document contained 250+ people and about 4 generations.  I had another (paper) family tree from my wife, Linda Louison-Krause (Proskine) that contained a few hundred people and about 5 generations.  Another significant tree came from Cletus Benjamin, Linda's cousin.

I originally started using Broderbund software but at some point I moved my database to Family Tree Maker (FTM) and have been using it, in conjunction with, for many years.  FTM sync's directly with, a very welcome feature that let's me keep my data local (on my computer) but also publish accurately and completely on  Using I can also benefit from contributions by others with whom I've given access.  FTM provides the ability to produce reports in many different formats; something that doesn't do.

Aside from the work of others from which I've benefited, I've done most of my work by way of and the internet.  My greatest challenge has been in getting "across the Atlantic".  For a few months in 2011 and again in 2017-2018, I "up'ed" my subscription to include world-wide data  but to no great benefit.  Mysteries still abound with lineage that leaps the Atlantic.

If you'd like to see my family tree and have an active subscription, please visit my family tree on and be sure to share ANY and ALL additions, updates, or questions with me that you encounter.  If you don't have a subscription to and don't have an interest in paying for one, let me know and I'll consider giving you access to my tree.