PMR Locations

PMR Locations

This data is for our shared interest only. Hopefully, with time and interest, some researcher somewhere will find it helpful in learning more about PMR causes and cures.

If you'd like to pin a point NEAR to where you live on the map, please click this link: To set a pin on the map, you'll need to create an account. Then, near the upper left of the map, select "Additions / Add Marker - simple". You can label the pin "PMR" and include your initials and the number of years that you've been dealing with PMR. For example: "PMR - mk:3 years".

With our privacy and personal security in mind, I suggest that you NOT pin your exact location but instead select someplace like a nearby intersection or town center near where you live.

I'm not a doctor or scientist, just, like you all, wondering how PMR will travel with me in my life. Your suggestions are very welcome.

If you have a mouse-wheel, you can zoom the map by holding Ctrl and rolling the wheel.

Thank you to ZeeMaps for their generous support.

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